Look What These Kids Got For Halloween Candy in Brampton


By now most of you are home or elsewhere hopefully enjoying some of that Halloween candy your kids managed to collect last night.

But some of you may be a bit perplexed at what they brought home from trick or treating. For example, this Brampton resident posted on his Instagram page a few rather interesting items his kids picked up on this Halloween.

First, instead of candy, it was some cough drops. I guess that house thought trick or treaters might catch a cold…

As if the cough drops weren’t strange enough, another house was passing out something that appears to have been left over from a recent baby shower:

In case you were wondering, yes they are chocolate coins wrapped in foil that say “It’s a boy”. At least we can say…congratulations to to happy couple?

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That's for you @vivmendoza1 lol I'll save you some

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Now this isn’t the first time that someone received strange alternatives to the typical Halloween candy. How many times have kids come home with fruit, money, or even vegetables like baby carrots?

At least they weren’t anything dangerous like needles embedded in gummy bears.

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