Major 15-Month Road Closure Coming to Brampton Soon


It’s no secret that Brampton is always undergoing some kind of road construction, and developments galore are set to take over the city in the coming years, with projects like Downtown Reimagined and a new university on the horizon. 

Now, a major road closure that could affect commuters in Brampton and Mississauga has officially been approved by City Council. 

On May 30, Brampton City Council approved the proposal to close Goreway Drive at the CN Rail Tracks in order to elevate the rail tracks and build an overpass bridge. 

Mississauga City Council also approved the closure, which sits at the edge of Brampton East.

The entire project will encompass the area from Goreway Drive at Kenview Boulevard in Brampton to Brandon Gate Drive in Mississauga. 

Goreway Drive between Steeles Avenue and Kenview Boulevard will also underego reconstruction as part of this major project.

According to recent Brampton City Council documents, the road closure could last anywhere from 12-15 months and construction is slated to begin as soon as fall 2018. 

Liberal MP for Brampton East, Raj Grewal, has spoken up about the impending project, which he says was part of a promise he made in 2015.

I am very pleased to announce that today [May 30] at City Council in the City of Brampton, the project to build the overpass bridge has finally been approved,” said Grewal in a recent video statement.

Since I was elected in 2015, I have been working with the City of Brampton and our mayor Linda Jeffrey to get updates on this project and to offer federal assistance.”

It’s true that this project has been in the works for many years now.

I was very pleased to learn that the project has already been fully funded by the province and the City of Brampton but there was some delays in construction,” said Grewal.

In the 2015 campaign the problems with this bridge is that it was causing for constituents in Brampton East trying to get to the Malton GO station were numerous.”

The entire Goreway Drive Grade Separation project will cost an estimated $33 million, according to City Council documents. 

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