Major Changes Coming to Brampton Transit Soon


There are a few things Bramptonians can expect as fall approaches in Brampton. The leaves will change colours, pumpkin spice lattes will be all the rage, and several changes are coming to public transit, from service improvements, to fare changes, to new routes, and beyond.

Starting on September 4, Brampton Transit’s service improvements are coming into effect.

This time around, they include a major route extension, and reduced PRESTO fare for children.

Here are the biggest changes you can expect:

  • 505 Zum Bovaird Airport Road extension to Malton GO Station  
  • 27 Robert Parkinson route east of Mount Pleasant Village
  • 54 County Court route from Brampton Gateway Terminal
  • 56 King Knoll route from Brampton Gateway Terminal
  • Zum Queen now ends at the Vaughan Metropolitan Centre Rapidway Station with direct connections to the TTC subway. This route will no longer operate to York University.
  • 501A/C Zum Queen will continue to service York University with extra service hours added  

Here’s a look at how fares are changing for children aged 6-12:

You can find all affected routes here.

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