Major Improvements Coming to Brampton Transit Service Soon


If you take transit in Brampton, you might be excited to learn that some major service upgrades are coming to bus routes across the city!

Every few months, Brampton Transit implements a set of service updates that are very relevant to Brampton’s commuters. Now, routes are being realigned, peak trip times are being added, and schedules are being adjusted and extended in the New Year. 

Only some routes will be affected — including Zum buses, high-school routes, residential routes, and more. 

Here are all of the routes that will see changes in about a month’s time:

  • 501 Zum Queen 
  • 511 Zum Steeles 
  • 4/4A Chinguacousy 
  • 5/5A Bovaird 
  • 7/7A Kennedy 
  • 8 Centre 
  • 9 Vodden 
  • 11 Steeles 
  • 14 Torbram 
  • 19 Fernforest 
  • 23 Sandalwood 
  • 30 Airport Road 
  • 51 Hereford 
  • 58 Financial 
  • 60 Mississauga Road 
  • 104 Chinguacousy Express 
  • 211 Chinguacousy S.S.

Perhaps some of the most notable changes are that the transit authority is realigning the 501 to service the new subway stops at York U and Vaughan Metropolitan Centre, and the 511 will have more service during early morning and late evening peak hours. 

If you take any of the above routes, you can find more details on each individual route’s pending changes here.

All changes will come into effect on January 8, 2018.

Happy commuting, Brampton!

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