Major Retailer Opens Brand New Distribution Centre in Brampton


Smack amidst the Innovation Corridor, Brampton is the the ninth largest city in Canada and an average of 290 new businesses open here annually. Our location and growth may be prompting the fact that Brampton is becoming an increasingly attractive location for businesses to set up shop - both small and large. In fact, major distributors like Amazon, Coca-Cola, and Best Buy have already established themselves here!

Now, yet another major retailer has chosen Brampton to set up a distribution centre and head office - one of Canada’s leading mattress retailers. That’s right, Sleep Country has opened 140,000 square foot facility in Brampton at Airport and Steeles, “poised to support business, e-commerce, and employee growth over next 15 years.”

The new facility offers the company 76 per cent more cubic space than its current location in North York, according to Sleep Country. This is all part of the retailer’s “aggressive growth plans” as they accommodate future store openings, and even support growth in new categories such as lifestyle bases and accessories.

Our new facility reflects Sleep Country’s business growth and strength as market leader, as well as an investment in our company’s culture. We are committed to fostering internal growth and this space will help our amazing teams continue to innovate our brick and mortar stores and grow our exciting new e-commerce business,” said Dave Friesema, Chief Executive Officer of Sleep Country Canada.

That’s not all - Sleep Country’s expansion to Brampton, which is set to house a state-of-the-art distribution centre and an open-concept head office space - might just be a reflection on Brampton’s future-readiness. Large companies want to be here.

With the continued success of Sleep Country’s ever growing 244 store base coupled with the new e-commerce platform necessitated the move to a larger space,” said Sleep Country in a statement.

The head office space is able to accommodate over 165 employees, which is good news for a Brampton resident looking to work for a large company close to home.

After 22 years in its original distribution centre - which supported unrivaled business growth in the GTA - Sleep Country’s move to an enhanced facility reflects the company’s impressive run of success,” said Sleep Country.

Sleep Country is indeed growing quickly - the mattress retailer generated a whopping $553.6 million from June 2016-June 2017, which reflects a growth of 13.2 per cent over the previous 12 months. The company has now had 16 consecutive quarters of same store sales growth.

With this facility officially open, let’s see which major retailer wants to come to Brampton next.

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