Many Ontarians trust Government leaders' decisions during pandemic: survey


According to a recent poll from Decision Partners, many Ontarians trust the Province’s actions amid the pandemic.

The poll, condcted by the Mississauga-based firm, found that, while many people approve of the Province’s actions thus far, Ontarians want assurances from government leaders before restrictions are loosened.

According to the findings, 85 per cent of respondents think the restrictions in their area are appropriate.

Additionally, many respondents are concerned about the Province reopening too soon, and risking another outbreak of the virus.

Further, Ontarians want assurances from government and public health leaders that decisions to ease restrictions will be done gradually, carefully and based on data.

Moreover, the poll found there’s a split between how respondents are feeling; some are feeling “fine,” “okay,” and “good,” while others are feeling “frustrated,” “anxious,” and “uncertain.” However, the number one word respondents are using to describe how they’re feeling is tired.

In the past five weeks, our respondents have trusted leaders, accepted self-isolation and complied with public health requirements. Keeping themselves, their families and their communities safe as we all deal with uncertainties related to the spread of the virus has been their top priority,” Sarah Thorne, president and CEO of Decision Partners, said in a news release.

Trust will continue to be a significant influence people’s behaviour through the coming weeks and will directly affect how well nations and states do in flattening the curve and keeping people safe, while restarting their economies,” she continued.

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