Massive Mansion Sold for $100,000 Over Asking Price in Brampton


While it’s no secret that GTA houses have never been more in demand, it’s always a little surprising to hear stories about homes selling way (and we do mean way) over asking.

According to realtor Teddy Singh from Team Sukhvinder for Remax, a large Brampton mansion near the Lions Head Golf Club recently sold for $100,000 over the asking price.

Located at 22 Natural Terrace in Brampton, near the hamlet known as Springbrook, it has five bedrooms and was sold for $2.3 million."The house was up for a bid at $2.2 million. The bid date was November 30; however the seller had the right to look at pre-emptive offers before the bid date. The buyer choose not to wait for the bid date," Singh said in an email to

Here are some other pictures from this impressively large house.This isn’t the first time that houses and condos in Brampton sold for $100,000 over asking. It’s just another example of a still hot and volatile real estate market.

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