Massive New Park Under Construction in Brampton


Construction has officially picked up on what will be the second largest park in Brampton, rivalling Chinguacousy Park in size.

The Creditview Activity Hub, part of Creditview Park, will be entirely compliant with the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA), making it unique from many other activity spaces across the city.

The Hub is the latest phase of construction on Creditview Park.

Originally, construction on park began in 2004-2005, and has been phased to accommodate additional facilities since. Now, construction has picked up in full force, with the new features ready for completion next year.

According to the city, 100-acre space at Creditview Road and Sandalwood Parkway is set to feature fully accessible play structures and elements for all children to enjoy.

That includes children with physical, mental and emotional challenges, and disabilities.

So, what can we expect to see at the Hub?

According to the city, the entire Hub will be "water-cycle" themed and colour coordinated. It will also incorporate educational signage.

With the park's size, we can anticipate an abundance of accessible elements.

Basketball, a bounce wall, four-square, hopscotch, swings for all ages and abilities, junior/senior climbers, slides, sand tables, and a "sway ship" are among those accessible elements that are being built.

Further, the park will have shade shelters and umbrellas, accessible benches and picnic tables, seat walls, and full accessible surfacing, meaning artificial turf, rubberized play areas, concrete, and asphalt.

One additional picnic area is set to be added to the space. Picnic areas at Creditview Park accommodate 40-50 people, according to the city.

As for safety and supervision, the Hub will feature age-progressive play areas throughout - that's structures for younger and older children that will be spaces out to better accommodate for parents watching their children.

Here's another new idea - the Hub will have quiet and reflective areas suitable for children who want to play alone, or even children with developmental disabilities.

The city already has several splash pads, and now, a fully accessible one will join the roster of elements at the Hub. The new splash pad will feature custom water and spray elements constructed to follow the "water-cycle" theme.

There's an environmentally-friendly aspect to the splash pad, too, where water from the pad will be captures in a "nature pond" and recycled to irrigate the adjacent soccer fields.

Now that we're on the topic of environmental friendliness, there are also no underground drainage sewers in the park - all rainwater and drainage infiltrates naturally back into the ground, rather than being piped into a sewer system  

And, about 2,500 trees and shrubs will have been planted throughout the space when it opens.

But play areas for children and environmental initiatives are not all the park has under its belt.

The city says the massive space features eight mini soccer fields, two cricket/soccer combo fields, one junior cricket field, two lit football/soccer combo fields, two lit lacrosse/soccer combo fields, one unlit soccer field, three lit soccer fields, and two lit artificial turf, FIFA-approved soccer fields.

A fieldhouse encompasses public change rooms and washrooms, first aid, concession, and more shaded seating.

Looking to take a walk around the park? You're also covered in the city's plans - the park has three kilometres of walking trails that connect to surrounding Trans Canada nature trails and Natural Heritage System Valleys that are scheduled to have asphalt paths by the end of the year.

While the park currently boasts about 1,000 parking spots, 250 of those spots are asphalt while the remaining 750 are gravel. By the end of the year, all parking areas are expected to be upgraded to asphalt.

The progressive park sits at an estimated cost of $3.1 million.

The Creditview Activity Hub will be the first of its kind in the region to fully comply with AODA, and is scheduled for completion in Spring 2018.

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