Memorial Plaques Stolen from Across Brampton


Last week, several memorial plaques were stolen from across Brampton.

According to the City of Brampton, 33 bronze memorial plaques were stolen, many of them from Kiwanis Memorial Park, at Main Street and Bartley Bull Parkway. There are plans to replace them.

Kiwanis Memorial Park features planting areas along Etobicoke Creek where citizens can create tributes to significant events in their lives, such as the remembrance of a loved one, the celebration of a birth, or honouring a retiree.

Citizens can purchase a bronze 4" by 6" plaque mounted in concrete as a memorial or a commemoration, which is placed at the base of a tree at Kiwanis Memorial.

The approximate value of the stolen plaques is $10,500, and the thefts have been reported to Peel Regional Police.

Cover photo credit: Reddit user Stiverton

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