"Messy Spring Storm" in the Forecast for Brampton


If you've been hating this icy cold winter weather, you'll be happy to hear that some relief is in store—at least temperature wise.

According to a recent Weather Network report, temperatures will start to inch up into and over the weekend, but the relieving thaw will be "accompanied by a messy spring storm."

The report says the comparative warmth we're about to experience over the weekend and into March Break will be accompanied by what could be a "significant spring-like storm tracking through the area this weekend."

The Weather Network says the high pressure that will keep Friday’s skies clear will linger into Saturday, along with temperatures at or slightly below zero. Sunday will be even warmer, with temperatures comfortably in the positive single digits. But while plus temperatures are great, the weather agency says rain is expected across much of southern Ontario beginning early Saturday and intensifying Sunday morning.

There will also be a chance of freezing drizzle in some areas of the province.

The Weather Network says that, following the weekend Colorado Low, a quick shot of colder weather is expected—but it says it will still milder than the weather we experienced in the lead up to March Break.

Fortunately, the weather agency says a warming trend is expected for mid and late next week.

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