More Interesting Weather Headed to Brampton


We know, we know—this spring has been The Worst.

Abnormally rainy and cold, April and May (and May isn't quite over yet) have brought us high winds, incredible amounts of rainfall (some major waterways boast perilously high levels and a number of GTA waterside parks and destinations are partially closed off as a result) and far too many chilly days.

Well, it looks like we might be turning a corner (but we're not out of the watery woods just yet).

According to recent Weather Network forecast, Bramptonians might be able to enjoy some low-20s temperature and much-needed bursts of sunshine.

To be clear, the next week does carry the possibility of rain. From Monday to Saturday, temperatures will hover in the high teens and low 20s (mostly low 20s—yes!), but there will be a 40 per cent chance of rain every day until Sunday (that day, at this point, boasts an 80 per cent chance of showers).

Still, you can see the sun peeking out from behind those clouds, so it doesn't look we'll get another week of constant rain and depressing grey skies.

That permanent patio is coming, Brampton.

Just hold out a little longer.

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