More Mumps Cases Confirmed in Brampton


Recently, Peel Public Health announced that one mumps case had been confirmed in Brampton.

Now, it appears the total of confirmed cases has grown to four.

"We currently have seven confirmed mumps cases in Peel," said Dr. Monica Hau, associate medical officer of health with Peel Public Health in a statement to inbrampton. "Four in Brampton and three in Mississauga. There is no confirmed link to specific locations but the majority of the cases have visited Toronto where a larger outbreak is ongoing."

While the health agency will no doubt be vigilant in the wake of the growing number of cases, the current “outbreak” is quite small compared to the one in Toronto, where about 40 cases have been confirmed. Initially, Toronto Public Health linked the cases--mostly diagnosed in people in the 18-35 range--to a downtown bar. Now, multiple news outlets are reporting that mumps cases have been confirmed in schools.

Peel Public Health strongly recommends that all people ensure that their MMR (measles, mumps and rubella) immunizations are up-to-date," says Hau.

Hau warns that adults born between 1970-1992 may only have one MMR vaccine and should get a second one for optimal protection from mumps.

As for other precautions, Hau recommends a common sense approach.

"Everyone should remember to avoid sharing food or drink, cover your cough with your sleeve and wash your hands often."

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