Myths About The LRT That's Coming To Brampton


Sure, they look alike and share (somewhat) of the same colour scheme.

However, along with the similarities they share, LRT's and your everyday street cars are vastly different.

Here are the basics:

Metrolinx LRT's, or "light-rail transit," have their own dedicated right of way, along with priority intersections. They won't impede traffic, as they are seperated from the other lanes of traffic.

Temperatures inside the vehicles will go according to the weather, so you'll feel warm in the winter and cooled in the hotter weather. They're also green-friendly, producing near-zero emissions and just being friendly to our environment overall.

And of course, LRT is rapid transit, achieving up to 80 km/h. You won't find yourself stuck in traffic or competing for space with cars while using them.

LRT is proven, capable technology that is used for travel internationally.

The Hurontario LRT, a planned light rail transit line in Mississauga extending into Brampton and running along Hurontario street, is currently under construction and is scheduled for service in 2022.

For more information, and to see what Metrolinx is up to, be sure to keep up with their social media updates on Twitter and Facebook.

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