New Bollywood Music Program Available In Brampton


If you're an avid fan of Bollywood, and love to sing, then a new program will surely give you your fix. 

Furtados School of Music and Feely Piano School have announced they are planning to co-launch an online Bollywood singing program to teach Hindustani Vocals from anywhere in the world. 

The new initiative will attempt to teach those interested the basics of Hindustani vocals in order to generate a solid foundation. 

Six sections are offered in the course, each breaking down techniques such as the Alankars and how to juggle vocal chords. The course also teaches warmup exercises, sight reading, listening, and performance. 

The curriculum, jointly-created by Feely Piano and Furtados School of Music instructors, is designed by renowned Hindustani music experts, offering those interested a quick and effective learning journey. 

To make for a more incentivized deal, Brampton family members will be offered exclusive access to pre-registration next month.

Will you be putting those vocal chords to use, Brampton? 

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