New Caribbean Restaurant Opens in Brampton


There's no such thing as too much Caribbean food in Brampton! 

Jerk chicken, doubles, roti - you name it, Bramptonians will eat it.

A brand new Caribbean restaurant called Morning Glory just opened up shop in downtown Brampton where La Marmite Mauricienne (what was Brampton's only Mauritian restaurant) shut down some time ago.

Morning Glory is hidden on Harmsworth Lane, between John Street and Queen Street, so 10 points to you if you can find it!

When you do, you’ll find that Morning Glory boasts a range of classic Caribbean dishes and daily specials.

This new spot for Caribbean cuisine has items for breakfast, lunch and dinner, so it could keep you satisfied throughout the day. 

For breakfast you can expect such options as carrot porridge, ackee and saltfish, and steamed vegetables among a selection of other Caribbean breakfast items. 

And throughout the rest of the day?

Think chicken soup, jerk chicken, fried chicken, fish options, oxtail, and even pepper shrimp. 

Morning Glory has daily specials for just $4.99 and student specials for just $3.99 so keep your student card handy if you’re a younger Bramptonian.

Happy eating!

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