New Changes to By-laws Hope to Bring More Businesses to Brampton


Recent changes to city By-laws hope to bring more businesses to Brampton.

At yesterday’s (June 19) council meeting, the City Council approved the 2019 Development Charges (DCs) By-laws. The city hopes this will provide incentives for major office corporations and small businesses to locate in Brampton.

"These changes to DCs align with our Community Improvement Plan and our Foreign Direct Investment Strategy, which are designed to drive jobs and investment in Brampton and build a City of Opportunities,” said Mayor Patrick Brown. “We are committed to making efforts on many fronts to ensure we are a prime location for businesses of all sizes to consider." 

The new Major Office Development Charge Exemption will waive Brampton's portion of DCs for "Major Office Development". This will include free-standing buildings of at least 50,000 square feet and at least two storeys tall.

"Business investment in our city is an important priority for this term of Council and a critical piece of our future success,” said Regional Councillor Paul Vicente, the Co-Chair of Economic Development and Culture. “Changes like these demonstrate our commitment to making Brampton an attractive location for local and foreign businesses to invest." 

There was also another change to the DC by-law, the Change of Use Exemption, that will exempt some change-of-use conversions (industrial to commercial) from DCs, encouraging small businesses to locate in spaces previously used for industrial purposes.

"Brampton competes to win,” said Todd Letts, the CEO of the Brampton Board of Trade. “Together with a progressive Community Improvement Plan, these by-law changes are another positive step that distinguishes Brampton as an even more attractive location for large office investments."

These changes to the DC by-laws are the result of a Development Charges Background Study, where many stakeholders were consulted, including Brampton's business community who expressed support for these changes.

"The amendment to the DC by-law will incentivize development, attract multinational companies and create more jobs in our City,” said Ignat Kaneff, the Chairman and CEO of Kaneff Group of Companies. “We believe that this type of support from municipal government will give the City of Brampton a competitive advantage over other municipalities in attracting first-rate corporate residents and will signal that the City is indeed ‘open for business’.”

Along with these DC by-law changes, the City will be implementing a robust Community Improvement Plan (CIP).

The CIP will establish programs that link land use planning with financial and other tools as incentives for businesses and developers, making Brampton a desirable location.

The city hopes that these initiatives will promote economic development opportunities across the City and solidify Brampton as a place of business and investment.

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