Music. Roller skating. Gaming. Karaoke.Something new and exciting is coming to Brampton. 
Rain or shine, hot or cold, bubble tea is always a good idea. Milk, tapioca, and all different kinds of tea - yes, please!
There’s no such thing as too much breakfast in Brampton! Fluffy eggs, crunchy bacon, jam-smothered toast, and sweet, sweet pancakes - yum.
Moist and mouthwatering with icing and social responsibility piled high - if you love cupcakes and you love social justice, you’ll be excited to know that this popular cupcake shop just reopened it
New restaurant openings are always exciting in Brampton, and now, a sign has gone up for a new family restaurant that's coming to Bramalea!
If you love cupcakes (who doesn’t?), you’ll be very excited to know that a popular cupcake shop has announced when it’ll reopen - and the date is coming up quickly! 
Brampton’s favourite indie tea shop is officially open again in a new location!
Mexican fast food lovers rejoice - a new burrito spot is now open in Brampton!Burritos, quesadilla, burrito bowls, and more, Brampton’s newest burrito joint is called Chico Burrito.
A very popular store that’s all about decadent treats—and is reportedly loved by former U.S.
We’ve been waiting very patiently for this brand new pizzeria to take shape in downtown Brampton, and it’s finally here!