If you need to buy shoes and accessories - lots and lots of shoes and accessories - in Brampton, you might want to wait two weeks as a huge new discount shoe retailer is opening up shop here very s
A lot of new Mexican fast food spots are popping up in Brampton this year, and another one has opened its doors!
After an extremely popular Brampton restaurant closed its doors for good and turned into a food truck instead, many Bramptonians were pretty upset that it would no longer have a permanent location
Brampton’s new state-of-the-art library is finally open!
New burrito spots have been popping up in Brampton lately, but we can’t complain. There is no such thing as too much Mexican food!
There is no such thing as too many pizza joints in Brampton, and now, a new and exciting pizzeria is going to open in Brampton’s downtown core!A few months ago,
If we know anything, we know this new opening is going to be…epic!You know what they say — when one door closes, another one opens. 
Is there such a thing as too much Mexican food?
Don’t let the chandeliers confuse you! A brand new restaurant is now open in Brampton and it’s serving up some casual dining favourites.
New restaurant openings are always exciting in Brampton, and now, a sign has gone up for a mysterious new restaurant that’s coming to the downtown core.