If you're a fan of Indian cuisine, in addition to both sit-down meal and fast food experiences, keep your fingers crossed.
A popular American-based chicken chain recently revealed that it will be expanding in the GTA in order to further increase its brand presence in Canada. 
After a long morning or afternoon of shopping who wouldn't want to sit down at a nice restaurant for lunch or dinner.
Doors close, but windows open.And now, people who mourned the loss of the downtown area Eatery Boss might be happy to hear that a brand new Mediterranean resto has taken its place.
When one door closes, another one opens.
There can never be too many Indian restaurants in Brampton!
Calling all foodies! A brand new fusion spot is opening up shop in Brampton.If you love Asian cuisine, this one is for you.
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There’s no shortage of Indian restaurants in Brampton, and a new one has joined the expansive roster!This one comes from Hyderabad.
If you love Indo-Asian cuisine, a brand new restaurant has opened in Brampton that you might want to visit soon!