A well-known fact is that Brampton has no shortage of Indian and Mexican-themed restaurants.
It looks like there may be another option for fans of Italian food in Brampton.
A popular American-based chicken chain recently revealed that it will be expanding in the GTA in order to further increase its brand presence in Canada. 
Recently, a popular vegan restaurant chain called Copper Branch opened in Mississauga in
If you're a frequent shopper at Dollarama, you'll be pleased to know that there's now a more convenient way to buy its products.
Ah, soup, always a simple comfort meal in an otherwise hectic day if that’s what gets you down.
Osmow's is a well known restaurant chain serving Mediterranean cuisine, and there are already a number of franchises across Brampton.
We've seen a number of restaurants and establishments open in Brampton this past year, as well as a number of unfortunate closures as well.
We can never get enough of some authentic Indian food around the GTA, especially in Brampton.
When one door closes, another (or several doors) open.