New Rules For Brampton Driveway Laws Delayed


There are more updates surrounding the changes to driveway laws in Brampton.

In a council meeting held on May 22, new rules for improving driveways were approved. These changes were for a new type of permit to be required for most driveway upgrades, to ensure they comply with City regulations.

The fee to apply for a new driveway permit will be $50. The permit will cover: 

  • Any curb cut.
  • Work being done on the municipal road.
  • Approval of the driveway alignment on private property.

The original date for the permits to go into effect was July 2. However, in a council meeting held on Wednesday (June 19), the City Council decided to postpone the date until later this year. This decision was made based on feedback from residents.

The changes are now expected to come into effect on November 22.

City staff will also conduct a review of the permit program and report back to the Council in early fall with any recommended changes.

Until the rules change, anyone widening their driveway only requires a City permit if they wish to cut the municipal curb.

You can read more about the driveway rule changes here.

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