New Store Open in Brampton for Limited Time Only


If you enjoy seasonally-appropriate shopping in Brampton, you might be happy to hear that a new store just opened in the city.

However, you've got to get there fast if you want to enjoy its decidedly spooky wares.

Shoppers in the market for some Halloween goods can check out the newly opened Halloween Alley clearance centre in Brampton.

Because it's a clearance centre, shoppers can enjoy fairly steep discounts—up to 50 per cent off of all costumes and decorations and 30 per cent off all accessories.

There are actually only three clearance centres in operation across Canada, and the Brampton location (which can be found at 150 West Drive, where Penningtons used to be) is the only one in Ontario.

As far as goods go, Halloween lovers can get their hands on costumes that are suitable for people of all ages (as well as pets!), decor, makeup and accessories.

So if you need a costume and you don't want to spend too much, Halloween Alley might be more than worth checking out.

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