A settlement worth almost $300 million has been reached after a few major car companies misled consumers with false advertising across Canada — and some drivers are set to reap the rewards.
It’s true that Brampton has an abundance of schools, but we also have a diverse and growing population, and perhaps that means we need more schools to support it.
Another crash is causing traffic delays today in Brampton.Two vehicles collided this evening at Main and Church Street. Police and Brampton Fire are on the scene.
We use laundry detergent for cleaning clothes, but recent developments have left some health officials concerned over how the packaging of the cleaning solution or chemicals has led to some rather
Police have reported a collision this afternoon in Brampton.
It’s cold.And it’s possibly going to get messy on Monday.
Officers have requested the public’s help in locating a missing man from Brampton.
Multiple vehicles were involved in a collision at a Brampton intersection.Police reported around 5:10 p.m. that four vehicles collided at the intersection of Centre Street and Vodden.
Police have identified all parties involved in the stabbing that killed two people Friday night.
Police have disclosed more information regarding the overnight stabbing that took place at a Brampton residence.