The Public Health Agency of Canada is warning Ontario and Quebec residents to avoid certain types of lettuce following an e. Coli outbreak.
Grab a blanket, some hand warmers, a warm drink, and anything else you may need, because cold temperatures are coming to Brampton.
Brampton Fire and Emergency Services (BFES) is responding to a basement fire in Brampton. 
If you’ve been trying to log onto your Facebook account this morning or have been experiencing technical difficulties while using the social media giant, you’re not alone.
A multiple vehicle collision is causing delays on Brampton roads this morning.According to police, the collision occurred at Countryside Drive and Sunny Meadow Boulevard.
Police have made an arrest following two crashes that occurred Sunday night (November 18).The first crash happened around 7:55 p.m. in the area of Williams Parkway and Highway 410.
Here’s how the Canada Post strike stole, or could steal, Christmas.The possibility of the Canada Post strike affecting the holiday season may become a reality.
When one talks about the crossover between cultures, it sometimes get sensitive, espeically these days when there’s talk about cultural appropriation. 
Christmas has come early for at least one Brampton resident.
A water main break is currently causing traffic delays in Brampton.