Houses in Brampton have been costly for quite some time and not even a global pandemic and economic shutdown can dampen the red-hot market. 
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Not even a global pandemic could cool Brampton's white-hot housing market, as recent data suggests house prices are up 10 per cent year-over-year.
OTTAWA -- Canada's police chiefs are calling for the decriminalization of personal possession of illicit drugs as the best way to battle substance abuse and addiction.
When the COVID-19 crisis hit in mid-March, Ontario locked down and people who were looking to buy or sell a home opted to take a wait and see approach—but the nervousness didn't last for long.&nbs
While it's not clear what the real estate market will look like over the coming weeks and months, experts appear optimistic that the red-hot GTA housing market will weather the ongoing storm with a
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After weeks of debate over mandatory masking, Dr.