If you frequently use PRESTO on your way to and from work in Brampton, this might interest you!
Many people have come to realize that there has been a significant increase in crime rates in Brampton, especially in the downtown core.
Some Brampton residents might be pleasantly surprised when they see their next internet bill.
For the vast majority of Canadians (and people all over the world, to be fair), technology is no longer a luxury—it is a necessity that people believe (for good reason) makes life easier and bette
Ontario’s teachers are gearing up more than ever for a possible strike. 
Just when you thought shopping at GT Boutique couldn't get any better.
Brampton GO Transit users will gain a little legroom as the transit provider will be beefing up its bilevel train car fleet in the coming years.
A Brampton-based cannabis company will produce the first odourless cannabis in the world.
A Brampton-based cannabis producer has been approved to sell oil products, including high cannabidiol (“CBD”) and premium craft cultivars.
In a bid to push back against the Ford government’s Bill 124 and cuts to Ontario’s public services, CUPE Ontario announced Monday (Sept.