After months of speculation about what was going to be cut, with apocalyptic visions of Doug Ford wielding a chainsaw to who knows what, Ontario’s self anointed “Government for the People,” has del
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Dozens of residents from Brampton’s Sikh community came to city hall this past weekend to get answers and more information regarding a report from intelligence agencies many say unfairly maligns th
Despite the spring weather bringing clean roads to Brampton, one issue never changes with the seasons; distracted driving.
Facebook has banned several Canadian groups and individuals associated with far-right hate movements.
Thousands of elementary and secondary school students are expressing their discontent with the provincial government following the proposal of sweeping changes to education in the province.
On April 1, 2019, the federal carbon tax came into effect in Saskatchewan, Manitoba, New Brunswick, and Ontario - four provinces without their own carbon tax programs.
While it's no secret that houses are expensive in Brampton and surrounding cities, other factors are also making it more difficult for prospective homebuyers to enter the market in Toronto and the
The sweeping changes the Doug Ford government has proposed for the province's education system&nbsp
Brampton's rental market is one of the most challenging for buyers to navigate. With prices inching upwards, it is the fourth most expensive city for renters in all of Canada.