Although it is a relatively minor issue with most of the population, the topic of regional government and its future is one of the major files the Ontario government is currently dealing with, and
While the ongoing, series of events between the provincial government and autism advocacy groups r
I think many of us had such high hopes in the beginning.
This past Tuesday the Ontario Legislature reconvened for their first session for 2019, as MPPs returned to Queen’s Park.
There's a growing trend of art in Brampton that's really taken hold in Canada's ninth largest city. It may not be as noticeable on the surface, but it's there.
We know all about the “complicated relationship” between Brampton mayor Patrick Brown and Ontario premier Doug Ford.
In the midst of a provincial election, it’s hard not to feel cynical about the people knocking on your door and promising you the moon on a variety of issues.
Many people appreciate and support Doug Ford as a politician because they feel he is blunt and speaks his mind.
After almost a year of railing against the Justin Trudeau / Kathleen Wynne "cap and trade carbon tax", it appears the government of Doug Ford is looking to impose a "carbon tax" of their own.
It looks like Doug Ford’s plan to take over Toronto’s subway system is well underway.