It’s official, Brampton has joined in on allowing cannabis to be sold at retail stores.
After months of debate and deliberations between elected politicians, members of the public, and obviously those with a vested interest, Brampton City Council has opted into having cannabis stores
The crucial vote whether Brampton should opt in or out of cannabis stores is coming on this Monday, January 21 at a special council meeting.
In the midst of the big announcement over a cut in tuition fees by 10 per cent the Doug Ford
Since last week when it was revealed that the recent changes to the Kitchener GO line resulted in m
The bane of any GO train commuter in Brampton and the rest of the 905 is finding a good parking spot.
Since the legalization of cannabis across Canada last October, Ontario has seen significant changes on how they planned to administer the availability of the now legalized product.
Tuition fees for university and college students across Ontario could see a drastic decrease, if the provincial government has their way.
The future of the Region of Peel is one of those minor topics that are there, but fly under the radar in comparison to all the other important issues the Doug Ford government has dealt with affecti
It looks like a little bit of Donald Trump has seeped into municipal politics in Brampton.