The proposal by Brampton councillor Gurpreet Dhillon to rename a section of Peter Robertson Boule
Well, thank goodness the federal election is now over and done with.
Now that the election is over, political strategists and pundits are pouring over the results to figure out why people voted the way they did. 
It looks like more of the same for Canada's ninth largest city's political representation on the federal stage. 
A young Brampton NDP candidate's Chershire catlike grin may be drooping a bit one day before the federal election because of some past comments on social media.
During this election campaign, we’ve heard a number of ideas proposed on how to solve the “housing crisis” in Canada.
The Oct.
A new non-profit organization has been touting their campaign aimed at getting Muslim Canadians to the polls for the October 21 federal election...which could sway the results in a number of key ridi
In the past month since this election campaign started, there seems to have been more focus on the various character flaws and scandals surrounding the leaders, such as the brownface/blackface foll
A Brampton candidate has found one of his signs defaced in the worst possible way, which is just another indication of darker and more negative rhetoric percolating during this election.