The provincial government is planning to move ahead with some controversial funding cuts next year.
The Peel Regional Chair, Regional Councillors as well as Brampton Mayor Patrick Brown and city staff will be asking the province for support on several issues at the annual Association of Municipal
Ontario is making moves to give commuters in the GTA and beyond more breathing room and choice in when and how they travel.
Some Metrolinx stations giving access to naming rights and some Bramptonians have some concerns.
With over 1.5 million people living in the Peel Region, there is a growing concern about crime.
Brampton is one of the many Ontario cities that are known for having amazing cultural tourism. 
The Canadian government has issued a travel warning that advises all Canadians who are travelling to Hong Kong to exercise a high degree of caution due to ongoing large-scale demonstrations. <
When a Brampton resident goes missing, police need to work quickly for their safe return. Now, police are getting new tools to help find missing people as fast as possible.
Brampton has been working toward becoming an economic hotspot by attracting investors and engaging the government.
A Brampton councillor insists that he did nothing wrong when he and his colleagues voted to grant $150,000 recently to a locally based community / media group where the councillor once served as a