There are significant traffic delays in the area of Main Street and Steeles Avenue in Brampton. According to the Peel Police, the traffic is due to construction in the area.
A bus and tractor-trailer have collided in Mississauga, close to the Brampton border.Peel Paramedics say the collision occurred in the Torbram and Drew area. 
Peel Police have caught another driver who was travelling at an insane speed in Brampton.
There has been a collision on Highway 410 northbound in Brampton.The incident occurred on the Highway 410 northbound off ramp at Clark Boulevard eastbound/ westbound.
There was a collision on Highway 407 eastbound in Brampton.The incident occurred on Highway 407 eastbound just after Highway 410.
The OPP have released footage of a collision that took place on the 410 on May 3, 2019, in Brampton (on the border of Mississauga).
Traffic is moving slowly following a collision in Brampton.According to police, the collision occurred in the area of Sandalwood (westbound approaching Royal Palm Drive).
A lot of people appreciate the benefits of transit offered by Metrolinx, but it seems that a number of riders don’t want to pay for their fare.
There has been a lot of reports of crashes and collisions in Ontario in 2019. Some, unfortunately, have been more severe than others.
If you have ever been to downtown Brampton during rush hour, you know how crowded it can get.