A collision on a major highway just outside of Brampton is currently impacting the morning commute.
Part of the 410 is blocked in Brampton.
The prospects of a new highway running through the GTA are looking better and better…at least for those people in favour of the project.
A collision that occurred earlier today (Feb. 4) could impact your morning commute in Brampton.The collision, according to police, occurred at Wanless Drive and Veterans Drive.
Brampton Fire is currently on scene managing a diesel fuel spill in Brampton.
A collision in Brampton has resulted in a road being blocked.According to police, a vehicle drove into a pole causing the pole to come down.
A collision that involved a transit bus and a vehicle is currently causing delays in Brampton.
Peel Police are advising commuters to drive with caution this morning (Jan. 16). Police say that roads are extremely slipper this morning.
Peel Police are on scene following a collision in Brampton. Police are assisting in the OPP in the area of Highway 50 and Mayfield Road.
A 15-year-old driver has been charged following a single-vehicle rollover that occurred on Highway 410 right at Steeles Avenue in Brampton.