According to a new study, many people are not happy with the Ford government.
Have you ever wondered whether a certain food product is organic and authentic?
The Ontario Government has made a number of regulations to the Liquor License Act - including the permission to sell and serve alcohol at 9 a.m every day of the week. 
A Brampton resident is enjoying a significant lottery win.OLG recently congratulated Patrick Giassonafter winning a $75,000 top prize with Instant Poker. 
Some GO train services have been halted this morning after a person was struck in Oakville.
Sadly, the long weekend is over, however, there still is something worth celebrating in Brampton today.
One thing has been on the mind of people in the Peel Region, whether or not the region will split or amalgamate to become one large city.
While housing has long been expensive in Brampton and surrounding cities, there once was a time when renting was a genuinely cheaper alternative to buying.
Injuries have been reported following a vehicle accident this evening.Police received a call at 7:30 p.m. for a moped driver who fell at Countryside Drive and Mountainash Road.
The Peel Police are investigating a carjacking in Brampton.The incident occured in the area of Torbram Road and Queen Street.