Peel Police are responding to a reported brawl involving approximately 500 students in the area of Father Tobin Road and Moira Creek Drive in Brampton.
OPP officers are responding to a 5-vehicle collision involving a dump truck into an unoccupied building in Caledon.
Reports of gunshots have sent another school into hold and secure in Brampton, police say. 
As the election race tightens, Justin Trudeau has announced today that if he gets re-elected, he intends to make guns harder to obtain through legal means.
Peel Police are responding to a carjacking in Brampton.According to police, two male suspects have stolen a White Lincoln SUV with the license plate LADYASH.
Anyone who enjoys a good cup of coffee, a fresh pastry, or a quality bagel may have heard of this popular independent cafe in downtown Brampton.
Peel Police have placed several Brampton school in hold and secure.
More affordable homes are coming to Brampton!
Brampton City Council is spending a budget of $1.8 millions towards investment missions.
The Peel Region has been named one of the eight best municipalities in Canada.