Offensive Graffiti Targeting Sikhs Found in Brampton


A city councillor has brought to light some offensive graffiti that was found in Brampton.

On Tuesday March 27, 2018, Gurpreet Dhillon, Brampton city councillor for Wards 9 and 10, tweeted a photo of graffiti in Brampton:

1984 Sikhs bomb plane kill 329 Canadians 8 babies” reads the spray paint.

Dhillon connects the graffiti directly to the Air India bombing that happened on June 23, 1985. On that unfortunate day, a bomb exploded on Air India flight 182 from Toronto to London, England, and killed all 329 people on board according to the federal government.

According to the National Post, 280 of those people were Canadian.

The Air India bombing has been coined the “worst terrorist attack in Canadian history” by the federal government, where the main suspects were members of the Sikh militant group called Babbar Khalsa. The investigation concluded that Talwinder Singh Parmar was the mastermind behind the terrible act.

A horrific act that has been condemned for 30 years by all Sikhs, yet now all Sikhs are being tainted again because of poor and irresponsible reporting,” said Dhillon.

As for the “poor and irresponsible reporting”, that might refer to federal NDP leader Jagmeet Singh’s recent controversy with the Air India bombing. Singh has been under fire for not denouncing Parmar for the Air India bombing, nor those who reportedly celebrate Parmar as a martyr, when asked last October in an interview with the CBC.

Singh was under fire for a few months, until recently, when he doused some flames by condemning Parmar’s glorification to the public.

With graffiti like this showing up in Singh’s old stomping grounds (Singh is a former Brampton MPP), it’s no surprise that Dhillon is drawing the connection to Singh’s recent media exposure.

Peel Regional Police have no information on the incident as of Wednesday March 28.

Here’s the area where the graffiti was found, Dhillon confirmed with

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