Older Brampton Residents To Receive New Funding For Health Services


In an effort to assist elderly, vulnerable Brampton residents who don’t receive support outside of their Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP), a new donation attempts to do just that.

In a press release, Amica Helping Hands Charity, the charitable arm of Amica Senior Lifestyles, announced plans to donate a $250,000 Compassionate Fund donation to the William Osler Health System Foundation, which will directly give vital health services to Brampton seniors.

An annual gift of $50,000 for five years to the Osler Foundation will pay for services and amenities that will improve the quality of life of vulnerable seniors in Brampton.

Senior Brampton residents at Peel Memorial Centre for Integrated Health and Wellness (Peel Memorial) will be eligible to receive the wellness assistance they couldn’t afford before, such as dentures or dental work, and mobility devices.

When I toured the Centre for Seniors Wellness and Rehabilitation at Peel Memorial, met the brilliant and passionate Dr. Sudip Saha, and learned about William Osler Health System’s holistic approach to seniors’ wellness, I knew this was the right place for us to support,” CEO of Amica Senior Lifestyles and Chair of the Board of the Amica Helping Hands Charity Doug MacLatchy said.

An official announcement was made by MacLatchy on March 1, to which a new plaque and seating area at Peel Memorial was also unveiled.

Brampton City Councillor Doug Whillans and Jeff Bowman were in attendance, alongside representatives of Osler Foundation and hospital staff.

Even Mayor Patrick Brown gave his regards, regarding the milestone donation.

The seniors program at Peel Memorial is dedicated to supporting the holistic health and wellness of seniors,” Medical Director and Division Chief of Seniors Systems at William Osler Health System Dr. Sudip Saha said. “This significant donation from Amica Helping Hands Charity will aid in this mission, enabling us to provide important services to vulnerable seniors in Brampton and surrounding areas.”

Our mission as a company is to enrich the lives of seniors, providing them with a personalized experience where they feel connected, supported, valued and in control,” MacLatchy said. “We care deeply about seniors and the personal challenges they face. It feels good to give back.”

More information can be found at amica.ca.

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