Patrick Brown reveals COVID-19 'hot spot' neighbourhood in Brampton


In a press conference on May 25, Premier Doug Ford revealed that the City of Brampton is a “hot spot” due to its high number of COVID-19 cases.

Brown confirmed that he has been speaking to the Premier almost every day about how the City of Brampton can deal with this “hot spot,” in a press conference on May 27.

Earlier this week, Brampton made a request for all of its City staff to be tested for COVID-19.

According to Dr. Lawrence Loh, Interim Chief Medical Officer of Health with the Region of Peel, the investigation into the data for Brampton and the region was underway as of May 27.

In an exclusive interview today (May 29), Brown told Khaled Iwamura from that while the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) still remains a “hot spot,” the City of Toronto has put out a heat map that highlights the neighbourhoods with high numbers of positive COVID-19 cases.

I’ve asked Public Health to do the same thing,” said Brown, adding that they’ve been working on it.

Brown also shared that the South Fletchers area in Brampton is an example of an area where they have seen more positive cases.

Just because you don’t live in a ‘hot spot,’ doesn’t mean you can relax and it doesn’t mean you need to avoid the advice of Public Health,” said Brown.

You still need to physical distance and you still need to stay home as much as possible.”

According to Brown, a heat map highlighting areas in Brampton with high numbers of positive COVID-19 cases is going to be released in a few days. 

I believe we need to be transparent with the public and tell them everything that we know.”

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