Patrick Brown sits down with Doug Ford to discuss Brampton's priorities


On February 27, Mayor Patrick Brown sat down with Ontario Premier Doug Ford to go over the priorities for the city of Brampton.

This meeting followed a month-long silence from the federal government after Brampton officially declared a healthcare emergency in the city.

Just last month, Brown finally received a face to face meeting with Ford for the first time; more than a year after the former Ontario PC leader took over as Brampton’s mayor. 

According to the mayor, the two had a productive discussion on topics including Brampton’s healthcare emergency, the CCTV cameras and post-secondary education.

The mayor discussed the urgency of initiating phase 2 at Peel Memorial with an emergency department as well as the process of the 3rd hospital, according to a Facebook post.

He also discussed the importance of the CCTV cameras on the 403 and 410, which “are a key to helping the police stop the influx of gun and gang activity.”

In terms of post-secondary education, the mayor emphasized that the city of Brampton “deserves additional post-secondary education opportunities” for the city’s youth, adding that they are “the only big city in Canada without a significant university presence.”

Our City Council has an ambitious agenda to move Brampton forward and I promised in the last election I would work with everyone regardless if they are blue, red, orange or green,” said Brown in a Facebook post. 

My priority is Brampton. Three weeks ago I had a meeting with Prime Minister Trudeau and this morning I had a good meeting with the Premier,” he said.

The mayor concluded by stating that they require everyone’s help to reach Brampton’s goals.

I am determined to see a Brampton that has great jobs, quality health care, terrific education, a clean environment and a safe community. We won't rest until we get there.”

Photo courtesy of Mayor Patrick Brown’s Facebook/Twitter pages

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