Patrick Brown Tied with Linda Jeffrey in Recent Brampton Poll


Voting Day for the upcoming election is only three days away, and a recent poll indicates that this could be a very close race.

According to a report released by Forum Poll on October 19, both Patrick Brown and Linda Jeffrey secured support from 40% of the poll’s respondents.

Among 647 Brampton voters, amongst those decided and leaning, if an election were held today, Patrick Brown would secure support from 4 in 10 (40%), the same proportion as Linda Jeffrey (40%),” the report reads.

The report also states that both candidates are tied on positive and negative feelings — 35% of respondents had a negative opinion of Patrick Brown, with 34% of respondents having a negative opinion of Linda Jeffrey. Likewise, 38% had a positive opinion of Brown and 38% had a positive opinion of Jeffrey.

Support for the other candidates is also listed.

What are your thoughts on this poll’s findings?

Graph courtesy of Forum Poll

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