Patrick Brown Wants The Public's Help For This Brampton Stadium’s Future


As part of a small tour alongside regional councillor Pat Fortini, Brampton Mayor Patrick Brown is asking the city of Brampton for answers.

The futute of iconic stadium Victoria Park Arena, which caught on fire two years ago and damaged to a very large extent, may rest within the hands of the public.

Mayor Brown reached out via Twitter to express his thoughts on the famed arena, which was famously known for being home to Brampton soccer club Brampton City United FC.

In particular, Mayor Brown would like to know what should be done with the arena, three years after the destructive fire engulfed the structure.

Social media was quick to chime in with their thoughts, offering various ideas, all of which could potentially be used in the stadium’s future redevelopment.

The fate of the stadium remained in doubt for extended amounts of time, even after the spontaneous fire erupted and destroyed the arena.

Now, it seems that this state of limbo that the arena was in can finally be lifted, as the Mayor seems interested in revitalizing a hallmark of the city.

What are your thoughts on the future of Victoria Park Arena’s future, Brampton?

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