Peel Police 'Can't Believe' They Have to Tell Brampton Residents Not to Car Surf


Some Bramptonians have been car surfing and Peel Police are not happy.

On Sunday, June 2, Peel Police received dash cam footage of someone riding on top of a moving vehicle’s hood in a Brampton residential area.

Peel Police tweeted the footage saying: “Surfing is when you use a surfboard to ride waves made out of water. Not using a car on a road made of asphalt #CantBelieveWeHadToPostThis.”

According to Section 178 of the Highway Traffic Act, people are forbidden from clinging/hanging on to vehicles.

Those caught breaking the rules of the act can result in both the driver and the person clinging to the vehicle being fined. The driver might also have their license suspended and with even more severe penalties if they hold a G1 or G2 license.

Drivers can also receive criminal charges if the person riding their vehicle is injured.

Peel Police ask residents to make the smart and safe choice when it comes to road safety.

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