Peel Region Developing Plan In Hopes To Reduce Crime In Brampton


With over 1.5 million people living in the Peel Region, there is a growing concern about crime. In 2017, Peel's violent crime severity index was 53.8. According to Statistics Canada, "crime severity index refers to a measure of police-reported crime that reflects the relative seriousness of individual offences and tracks changes in crime severity." 

The Region of Peel is supported by the Peel Regional Police and the Ontario Provincial Police. 

It has long been known that the roots of violence range from poverty, racism, issues in the education system, family issues, health issues, lack of economic opportunities and much more. That is why the Peel Region is targeting youth violence.

According to the new Community Safety and Policing Act, municipal councils, or the regional government, are required to adopt a Community Safety and Well-Being Plan by 2021. 

The legislation requires that the plan identifies and prioritizes community risk factors and ways to reduce those prioritized risk factors.

The government has decided that to decrease the violent crime severity index, they will first work towards preventing youth violence and will intervene at the root level.

Thus, the Peel region has created the System Leadership Table, which is a group of legislatively required member organizations and an advisory committee. The leadership system will dictate the development of the Community Safety and Well-Being Plan. The organizations include physical and mental health providers, educational service providers, community and social services providers, city employees, and police. The table can be extended to include politicians, content experts and people with lived experience. 

Here are the organizations in the System Leadership Table:

The role of the plan and leadership system is to provide system design, coordination, evaluation, advocacy and funding.

Do you think preventing youth violence will decrease the violent crime severity index?

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