Peel School Board Addresses Rumour that March Break is Cancelled


If you feel like kids have missed quite a bit of school this month due to snow days, bus cancellations, PD days and a statutory holiday, you’re not wrong.

In fact, some people have mused aloud that, given the unusual amount of unexpected time off for students (after factoring in planned and unplanned cancellations, some students have missed close to 10 days of school), school boards should consider cancelling March Break.

The musings actually got so loud that someone started a rumour that the Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board (DPCDSB) was planning on cancelling the March 11-15 holiday.

Students can breathe a sigh of relief, however, as rumours of March Break’s demise have been greatly exaggerated.

On Feb. 28, the school board took to Twitter to make parents and students aware that a hoax tweet is being distributed online. The school board says the fake tweet appears as a doctored screen capture indicating that DPCDSB has cancelled March Break.

The school board has asked worried students and parents to disregard the faux advisory and refer to the board’s official Twitter account for important announcements.

Does the news of March Break’s survival make you happy, or did you think the school board should have taken the unprecedented step of cancelling the holiday to make up for lost class time in February?

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