PHOTOS: Brampton Might Be Getting Its First Skyscraper


Three residential/ commercial towers might be coming to an old area in Brampton.

Weston Consulting, an urban planning firm, recently submitted a plan to redevelop the area of 253 Queen Street East. Quadrangle, a Toronto architecture firm, is in charge of the design of the towers. The architecture firm has also designed Maison Radio-Canada, OCAD U CO, CG Tower and many other buildings in Downtown Toronto.

Recently, the plan and design were presented at the Public Planning and Development Committee meeting.

According to the city's document, the purpose of the plan is to rezone the subject property of 253 Queen Street East to become a high-density and mixed-use development.

The firms are proposing three high-rise towers - with heights of 46, 32 and 30 storeys - in two structures. If this plan is approved, the 46-storey tower will be Brampton's first skyscraper since it passes the 40 storey minimum, which is the standard height of a modern skyscraper.

Across the three towers, there will be a total of 998 residential unit, 1272 vehicle parking spaces and 850 bicycle parking spaces. The towers will have an overall floor area of 92,242 m2 (992,915 ft2), which will include 10,014 m2 (107,794 ft2) of office and retail space. The office and retail space will be located on the first and third level of the 46 and 32-storey towers.

The city will also be adding an east-west road that goes through the site if the plan is approved.

Here are the pictures of the design:

Here is the proposed map of the area:

What do you think of these proposed towers?

Photos courtesy of Weston Consulting, Quadrangle and the City of Brampton.

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