PHOTOS: Here's What Brampton's Mega Mall Could Look Like


A mega mall has been in the works for Brampton for some time now, and though the mall hasn’t made much progress, it’s  exciting to see what a massive new space could look like in our city!

The mall was originally proposed in 2010 and this report details the bundle of information readily available about the development.

For those who don’t know, developer Osmington has proposed to designate and zone a 37 hectare (92 acre) site in the Mississauga Road and Bovaird Drive West area.

The plan calls for a mixed-use development consisting of approximately 111,485 square metres (that’s 1.2 million square feet) of retail/commercial floor space (the aforementioned regional shopping center), approximately 13,007 square metres (140,000 square feet) of additional retail/commercial floor space, a movie theatre, a hotel, apartments, natural heritage system areas and stormwater management ponds.

Those are a lot of features — but what could the massive new shopping centre actually look like?

Here’s the entire proposed layout: 

Here’s a birds-eye view of what all of the buildings could look like based on an artist’s rendering:

And the entrance you might be walking into:

Here’s what it might look like when you step inside:

The parkway you could be driving down — check out those solar panels and the water garden:

Some patio space and strolling areas as part of a public square:

And a wider view of the public square and exterior of the mall:

Here are some views of the “green” promenades you could be walking down in a few years’ time:

Though there’s no timeline on next steps, the proposal is moseying forward slowly but surely.

"City staff is awaiting the submission of various technical studies and information to support the planning applications for this site," a representative from the City told "Timing of a recommendation on the Phase 2 applications is unknown at this time, pending the submission of this additional information."

Basically, Osmington has to seek zoning approval from the city before moving forward. The developer is also being challenged by Morguard, the operators of Bramalea City Centre, through the Ontario Municipal Board.

So, we’ll have to wait and see what happens with the development, because it isn’t a sure thing yet. That being said, it’s definitely interesting to see what a mega mall could look like in Brampton. 

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