Police Investigating After Man Drives Backwards Down Busy Road in Brampton


Worry and shock were high in Brampton this week after a man drove very dangerously, putting himself and others at risk when he drove in reverse down a busy road in Brampton. After the incident was caught on video, police took notice.

On Tuesday, October 24, 2017, Twitter user Shinda Singh posted a video titled “Meanwhile, in Brampton” that shows a motorist driving in reverse very rapidly down the road. The video was reportedly filmed on southbound Dixie Rd. past Steeles Ave. 

Police did indeed respond to the incident, also via Twitter:

The 30-second video shows the driver flashing their emergency lights and driving backwards in the same direction as traffic.

We recently learned that Brampton continues to have the highest insurance rates in Ontario - perhaps that has something to do with these kinds of fear-inducing maneuvers. 

It goes without saying that this kind of driving should be avoided. 

With anything erratic or out of the ordinary [on the road], we recommend 9-1-1 be contacted because it is a public safety issue,” Const. Lori Murphy told inbrampton.com.

Try and take note of the plate if you can and a description of the driver.”

As of now, the 21 Division has taken over the investigation. We will update as details become available.

Here’s the original video:

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