Police lay over 40 charges in Brampton road safety blitz


Police say that after listening to the concerns of the community and through statistical analysis, officers from Road Safety Services have made the decision to take additional action in the form of a full-scale 24-hour road safety blitz in Brampton.

According to police, on Sunday, August 30, 2020, officers from Road Safety Services conducted traffic safety in areas such as Countryside Drive and Steeles Avenue in Brampton.

Police say those are just some of the areas of concern that were identified.

As a result, numerous vehicles were investigated and charges were laid including four stunt driving charges, 39 highway traffic act charges (primarily speeding) and one suspended driver charge.

Road Safety Services recognizes community concerns and will continue to make efforts against improper driving behaviour, according to police.

Police are reminding the public to drive safely.

For more information, visit PeelPolice.ca.

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