Popular Brampton YouTubers Creating Series for Much Studios


With over a million subscribers and and more than 90 million views on their channels, this creative and hilarious Brampton-born YouTube duo is stepping up their game.

Bramptonians and brothers Jae and Trey Richards make up 4YE - or 4Yall Entertainment - on their comedy channel.

Now, 4YE is teaming up with Much Studios to create an eight-part web series.

What will it be about?

The duo is taking their character Tyco and giving him an entire series called Judge Tyco, which will be featured on Much.

It’s no secret that Tyco is best known for 4YE’s “T-Dot Goon Scrap DVD” skits.

4YE’s wildly successful follow up video “T-Dot Goon Scrap DVD 2” featured a cameo by Drake, and currently has more than 1.3 million views on YouTube,” reads a recent statement from Much Studios.

The T-Dot Goon Scrap video is a hilarious parody of Toronto lingo, about two Toronto guys getting into fights in Toronto. Drake appeared on the DVD back in 2017, where he delivers a testimonial of the video, complete with subtitles for those not so well-versed in Toronto slang.

As for Judge Tyco, the series takes place in a courtroom where Tyco, based on his reputation of being one of Toronto’s “top goons”, has been appointed as judge.

Totally unqualified, Judge Tyco, presides over the trivial cases of teenagers,” says Much Studios.

We love working with our longtime Much Studios collaborators, 4YE - they are creative, funny, and focused,” said Justin Stockman, Vice-President, Pay and OTT Services, Bell Media. “After laughing over Tyco’s antics for ages, we’re thrilled to work with Jae and Trey to take him to the next level in JUDGE TYCO.”

4YE got started some seven years ago, and since then, they’ve captured attention from A-list stars like Drake and Kevin Hart. The brothers have been with Much Studios since 2015.

In anticipation of the new web series, here’s a look at Tyco!

Cover photo courtesy of 4YE Media on Facebook

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