Popular Breakfast Restaurant in Brampton Suddenly Closes


If you love breakfast and brunch, you might be upset to learn that a popular Brampton breakfast spot for a few years now has taken a sad turn and shuttered its doors recently.

A certian mall is now devoid of a spot serving waffles, eggs, sausages, and more popular breakfast and brunch items.

It’s true — Crack Me Up at Shoppers World has officially closed its doors to the public.

The restaurant’s 2013 lease was terminated as of Monday, January 29, 2018 for failing to pay their rent.

Owners have five days to remove personal property and fixtures, and the restaurant is, of course, closed for business.

The restaurant boasted “Breakfast with a Smile!” and encouraged restaurant go-ers to “Forget the typical breakfast and brunches [they’ve] been having in the past years. […] We're here to bring back the hearty and the smile into your morning meals with our delicious creations that's full of tasteand mouth-watering flavour you'll want to keep coming back for!”

What will open up in the restaurant’s place remains to be seen.

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