Popular Indian Restaurant Shuts Down in Brampton


If you love Indian food, you’re a foodie, or you just like to keep up with all things Brampton, you might want to be aware that an extremely popular Indian restaurant in Brampton has officially closed its doors.

The Khana Sutra has made a ton of our Top 5 lists, including Top 5 Date Night Restaurants, Top 5 Indian Restaurants, and Top 5 Swankiest Restaurants in Brampton.

Its quirky name, delicious food, and ambiance drew swaths of customers through its doors.

But now, its sign has come down and its doors on Queen Street East are officially closed.

The Khana Sutra boasted a expansive menu with a Western spin, playful decor, and relaxing live music.

Highlights included special events for traditional Indian festivals like Navratri, and the occassional special pricing for North American events like Thanksgiving.

It was a hot spot for a date or a family meal with epic lime prawn pakoras, tandoori mushroom caps, and even lamb roasted with cardamom and an herb-flavoured sauce.

We’ll keep you posted on what opens in its place.

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