Popular Italian Restaurant in Brampton Undergoes Drastic Renovation


If you love Italian food, restaurants in Brampton, or just food in general, you’ll want to check out how this gem of an Italian restaurant has expanded!

Home of the Stromboli (according to their website) and featured on The Food Network's You Gotta Eat Here in 2013, That Italian Place has been undergoing renovations for a few months now, seemingly to cater to a shortage of space and long wait times.

Now, the restaurant’s revamp is complete, and it’s inviting residents to come check it out. 

Photo courtesy of @thatitalianplace on Instagram

According to That Italian Place on Instagram:

Our newly expanded restaurant now has 3 food sources our main kitchen, our wood fired pizza oven and the new Paninoteca side. With three kitchens our speed of service on peak times is the 50% faster. Communal tables for 10 or more we have 4 of them and another 80 seats on top of those. So bring everyone no need to worry about seating or waiting! #italian#brampton #rustic #foodporn#bestinbrampton #comeandgetit@topchoiceawards @inbtown@thebramptonist @johncatucci@yougottaeathere

So, the expanded resto now has three kitchens and says that it has increased service during peak hours (they’re great for a bite at lunchtime!) by half the time.

The space now boasts four tables for 10 or more and an additional 80 seats for customers, bringing its grand total of seats to approximately 120.

To name just a few of its offerings, That Italian Place serves artisan sandwiches, the chef’s choice of two pastas a day, authentic woodfired neopolitan pizza, and of course, desserts like cannoli and cream puffs.

If you eat meat, we recommend the veal sandwich! The veal is tender, the mushrooms are filling and flavourful, and the hot peppers add a certain wow factor.

That Italian Place
470 Chrysler Drive Suite 32, Brampton

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