Popular Pita Joint Opening New Location in Brampton


If we know anything, we know this new opening is going to be…epic!

You know what they say — when one door closes, another one opens. 

After a short stint in downtown Brampton, Taste of Mediterranean closed its doors and the space was vacant for some time. Now, Epic Pita will be opening a brand new location in its place at 41 George St. S.

Epic Food. Epic Staff. Epic Atmosphere,” is this place’s motto, and it’s true that something epic is in the title of each one of their menu items.

Here, you can get an Epic Chicken Shawarma, an Astonishing Falafel, a Heroic Beef Shawarma, or even a Monumental Kafta, in pita wrap or dinner plate form, and everything is halal.

Epic Pita also serves frozen yogurt, whole fruit smoothies, and power smoothies to get you through the day. You can also get two samosas for $1, a box of baklava, hummus, rice, fries, skewers, and more. 

Epic Pita currently has one other location in Brampton, at 15 Ashby Field Road, Unit #14, as well as locations in Richmond Hill, Niagara Falls, and Stoney Creek.

An opening date has not yet been confirmed, but we will keep you updated with details as they emerge!

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