Popular Street Meat Restaurant in Brampton Suddenly Closes


Brampton street meat lovers are down an option of where to get some delicious meat (and let’s not forget chicken and waffles, and homemade ice cream).

Today, inbrampton.com learned that popular - and relatively new - street meat restaurant JB’s Street Meat has shuttered its doors for good.

The closure is fresh - owner Jonathan Boone just closed up shop today. 

Boone is an industry veterean of close to 30 years (he started working in restaurants as a dishwasher in his early teens and was once the general manager at old school Mississauga hotspot On the Curve), and fans of the street meat joint are sad to see it go. 

JB’s Street Meat boasted an ever-changing menu of chicken fingers and fish and chips with batter made from scratch, pulled pork, pulled chicken, mac and cheese, ribs, and more - and everything was fresh, and the price points on the menu were quite low for such quality food.

JB’s had set up shop in a plaza in the area of Queen and Kennedy, close to the main intersection, and near Central Peel Secondary School. The resto had opened just earlier this year, back in January.

Here’s hoping that fans will be able to fill the street meat hole in their hearts.

JB’s Street Meat (CLOSED)
47 Kennedy Road North

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