Popular Web Series Set to Hit Garden Square Tonight


Garden Square has something special planned for tonight!

As part of Brampton On Screen, the Square will be playing season two of the popular web series Anarkali on the big screen. 

Anarkali is a series about modern dating. Season one kicks off with the protagonist, Anarkali (played by Brampton’s own Kiran Rai), getting dumped by her long-time fiance, and what happens next is all about the aftermath. 

The show has garnered national attention for bringing forward themes like identity and feminism. It focuses on creating a new narrative for and about South Asian Canadians.

There are two seasons out right now, the first with ten episodes and the second with nine, and each episode runs for about ten minutes. 

Anarkali was created by Rakhi Mutta, a Brampton-based producer. 

If you’re headed to Garden Square tonight, the show starts at 7 p.m. 

Season three is scheduled to be released later this year, so you’ll want to catch up now!

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