Premier Doug Ford reveals Brampton is "hot spot" for COVID-19


In a press conference on May 25, Premier Doug Ford revealed that the City of Brampton is a “hot spot” due to its high number of COVID-19 cases.

In the conference, Ford stated that he spoke to Mayor Patrick Brown about the high number of COVID-19 cases, but did not disclose the specific area.

In a press conference today (May 27), Brown confirmed that he has been speaking to the Premier almost every day about how the City of Brampton can deal with this “hot spot.”

One of the tools that I really welcome, is the Premier’s commitment for increased capacity for testing,” said Brown.

Earlier this week, Brampton made a request for all of its City staff to be tested for COVID-19.

Brown stated that after speaking with the City’s hospital CEO, yesterday (May 26) revealed to be one of the busiest days for COVID-19 testing.

We’re certainly going to take the Premier up on his offer for increased testing,” said Brown.

In order for public health to be able to trace and track the virus, we need to know where it is and that’s why we’ve taken the unusual step of asking all our City employees to get tested.”

According to Dr. Lawrence Loh, Interim Chief Medical Officer of Health with the Region of Peel, the investigation into the data for Brampton and the region continues.

Peel health officials also haven’t disclosed what area of Brampton is seeing higher numbers of COVID-19.

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